After many years of building Hospitality Chain (the world’s first and only dedicated directory for the fine food and hospitality industry ) the founders realised a global need for a similar type of platform dedicated to leisure and travel.

Leisure chain was created as a point of difference for the vast leisure and tourism operators industry. Whilst most tourism sites are about cheap hotels, resorts, accommodation and airfares, we have created something that is different, something unique and something that showcases the many destination activities that tourists can engage in during their global travels.

Leisure chain is a comprehensive global activities hub providing useful information that is accessible to everyone. It is a dedicated leisure directory platform featuring dynamic, exotic and hard to find places of interest. Among our pages you can find thousands of travel and tour operators who each offer their own unique exciting adventures and experiences.

There are no logins, and you are not required to register to access the information. It is free to use and we do not take commissions.


We believe we have achieved our mission to be the first Global Niche Leisure Directory by creating and collating an extensive valuable resource platform for adventurers, adrenaline and theme park junkies, daredevils, outdoor lovers, spiritual souls, water lovers, food and wine lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, historic and city explorers and shoppers.

Tailor made for the super charged, those looking for an exciting life adventure, or a peaceful meditation and relaxation experience, we believe we have it all covered on leisurechain.com

All the information presented on Leisure Chain is unbiased and free from personal reviews.

We do not feature reviews for the simple reason that we believe everyone has different expectations about what to see and do with their leisure time, and during their travels.

We simply offer you an organised comprehensive guide to a worldwide network of tourism operators, travel adventures and activities, and then let you browse our pages to find one that suits you at any given time or place.

Leisure Chain
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